Greg Wolbrette
Artist Statement

My drive to create a unique artistic process has led to the development of a production-based synthesis between metals, plastics and the natural forces that act upon them. In this way, I re-constitute refuse from human industry into skins that record those objects’ entropy and transformation.

Since the invasive creations of industry already populate much of this planet—from the decay of concrete and steel infrastructures to the "Texas sized" zone of accumulated plastics drifting somewhere between Hawaii and Japan— it becomes important to study, engage and manipulate these industrial cast-offs and determine the effect upon the viewer once confronted.

Where the viewer arrives at oblivion through conflict and uncertainty, over confrontation with a world that expresses both the alien and familiar, I aim to create such a world from the entropic membranes shed by civilization's decay. Toward this end I re-manufacture industry's bones through its nature's skin.